ZING! is a Melbourne based Dutch choir that was formed in mid-2016 from an expressed interest in the Dutch community for a place to sing in Dutch, and meet other Dutch speakers. The choir is open to all people – whether or not they have previous experience in singing, choirs, or reading music. There is regular socialising before and after rehearsals and performances at local bars and cafes. ZING! is led by professional choir leader, singer and music teacher Jeannie Marsh. Jeannie makes the rehearsals and performances fun, welcoming, and accessible to all ages and interests.

This is a portrait collection of six Zing! members, their migration story and the meaning of the choir in their lives.

Chris’ story

Kurts story: ‘Hello, this is Kurt from the Netherlands’ is how Kurt used to pick up the phone after migrated to Melbourne, favourite song: Kom van dat dak af – Peter Koelewijn.

Siri’s story: migrated in the late 1990s, is new to singing in a choir and one of her favourite songs is Pa – Doe maar.

Joriks story: migrated with his partner in 2014, has always enjoyed singing and joined Zing! from the beginning.

Johns story: migrated with his parents in the 1956 and recently joined Zing!

Carens story: migrated for love, Caren is a music director and her favourite song is Mag ik dan bij jou – Claudia de Breij.