Welcome to Dutch Australians at a Glance (DAAAG)

Acknowledging the Past and Sustaining the Present and Future


DAAAG was created to be an accessible, easy to navigate, multimedia internet service dedicated to the sustainable digital preservation of Dutch Australians’ cultural heritage – for use by scholars, researchers, bureaucrats, journalists, Dutch individuals and other digital end users worldwide.

DAAAG is an initiative of the History of Migration Experiences (HOME) Centre, Curtin University. It was established in response to the urgent recognition, worldwide, for the need to preserve both intangible and tangible cultural heritage resources in the face of the accelerated pace of cultural and economic globalization and the improbability that museums can cope with housing collections that reflect their nation’s ethnic diversity (UNESCO 2003). read more

Dutch History in Australia

The Dutch Australian story is characterised by maritime, military, migration, artistic, academic and mercantile presence in Australia since 1606. read more


DAAAG researchers appreciate that there is a story in the life or family history of everyone involved in Dutch Australian history. DAAAG is already a repository for life stories and oral histories. Many of them also include digitised documents, films, letters, diaries, photographs and art relating to these stories for you to read and enjoy. These stories also acknowledge migrants’ contribution to Australian society including the diversity and wealth of their origin culture. On a broader level the stories provide a sense of dual belonging, and raise awareness of the migration experience. DAAAG believes the more poignant stories will help develop empathy and educate the public to deconstruct stereotypes. read more

Virtual Exhibitions

DAAAG researchers have created a number of virtual exhibitions. Those currently on display are mainly about the migration experience. From time to time we will be adding exhibitions depicting the military, maritime and mercantile themes. For exemple DAAAG is currently working on an exhibition about the 1942 Broome Air Raid, in which 48 Dutch lost their lives. read more.


DAAAG News is set to showcase events of cultural heritage significance such as those currently on display including Dutch Culture Day and the Broome commemorations. You will also be able to find information about new books and research on the Dutch in Australia, special lectures and launches. Later this year DAAAG News will feature the commemorative events organised for the 300 years anniversary of the Zuytdorp, shipwrecked off the Western Australian coast sometime in June 1712. read more


The unique common digital interpretive research environment created by DAAAG will facilitate closer cultural and social analysis for comparative research and to educate. This will, in turn, widen the scope and range of the interpretative opportunities and foster international academic relationships and networks involving Partner Organisation – universities, libraries, museums, archives and genealogical institutions – and open up new avenues for research. read more

Virtual Safe

An additional future feature of DAAAG will be the ‘virtual safe’. Designed as a commercial activity, it’s aim is to give families the opportunity to purchase digital space where they can upload their family histories, voice recordings, films, documents and photographs. Since DAAAG will be continually archived by the National Library of Australia’s Pandora system, these family histories will become available to future generations into perpetuity.

Databases including eBooks

DAAAG researchers have forged collaborative relationships with museums, universities, memory and collection institutions and the interactive technology industry. DAAAG it’s aim is to converge – to provide access to automated computerized databases of records previously held only in state, regional, national and international archives, consulates and other governmental organizations in the Netherlands and Australia. DAAAG will contain databases about heritage sites, ephemera and museum artefacts, photographic indexes, research bibliographies and forge links to relevant genealogical records in support of your family history research worldwide.


DAAAG’s current sponsor:

  • Research and Development, Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia)
  • Consultas Pty Ltd (Perth, Australia)

DAAAG’s introductory sponsors:

  • VOC Fonds (Netherlands)
  • Emigratie Fonds (Netherlands)
  • Volkskundige Museum (Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Erasmus Society (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Consultas Pty Ltd (Perth, Australia)
  • Researchers: Nonja Peters, Sue Summers and Stella Groenhof
  • Webmasters: Alison Lynton, Caroline Boyes and Shane Lynton