1966-1968 South Australian School of Arts

1969 Post-Graduate studies. S.A. School of Arts

Major: Sculpture, Ceramics

Minor: Design, Photography



Tasmanian Art Gallery. Launceston. Tasmania. (chair sculpture)

Tasmanian Art Gallery. Hobart. Tasmania. (ceramic work)

Latrobe Valley Regional Gallery. Victoria. (ceramic work)

Hamilton Regional Gallery. Victoria. (ceramic work)

Ballarat Regional Gallery. Victoria(3 ceramic works)

South Australian Gallery of Art. Adelaide. S.A. (ceramic work)

National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne. Victoria. (ceramic work)

Canberra College of Advanced Education Collection. A.C.T. (ceramic work)

New Parliament House Collection. Canberra. A.C.T. (ceramic works)

Adelaide Town Hall Collection. S.A. (ceramic work)

Art Bank. Sydney. N.S.W. (ceramic works)

Benalla City Council. Victoria. (public sculpture)

Benalla Regional Art Gallery. Victoria. (ceramic work)

Shepparton Regional Art gallery. Victoria(ceramic work)

Art Gallery of Queensland. Brisbane. Queensland. (ceramic work)

Melbourne City Council Collection. (Sculpture Model)

Melbourne City Council (public sculpture)

Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. Melbourne (public sculpture)

Castlemaine Art Gallery. Vic(ceramic work)

Austin Hospital. Melbourne (public sculpture)

Sydney Casino. Sydney (ceramic work)

Box Hill City Council Collection. Victoria(ceramic work)

Jewish Museum Collection, Melbourne, Victoria(ceramic works)

Australian Embassy Collection, Tokyo, Japan (ceramic work)

Australian Embassy Collection Seoul Korea(ceramic work)

Convent Gallery Garden (public sculpture)

Hepburn Shire (public sculpture)

Contemporary Museum of Art, Honolulu, Hawai



1972  Launceston Purchase prize. Tasmania

1973  Old Fire Station Gallery. Perth. W.A.

1974  Old Fire Station Gallery. Perth. W.A.

1976  Ruby’s Gallery. San Francisco. U.S.A.

1978  Kilkenny Design Workshops Gallery. Dublin. Ireland.

1980  Gallery 14K. Copenhagen. Denmark

1980  Gallery Groeningen. Holland.

1982  Gallery Ioannis, Crete, Greece

1983  Jam Factory Gallery. Adelaide. S.A.


1984  Bonython Gallery. Adelaide. S.A.

Bethany Art gallery. Bethany. S.A.

Distelfink Art Gallery. Melbourne. Victoria.

Adelaide Festival Centre Gallery. Adelaide. S.A.

1985  Distelfink Art gallery. Melbourne. Victoria.

Mount Gambier Regional Art Gallery. S.A.

Ballarat Regional Art Gallery. Victoria.

Hamilton Regional Art gallery. Victoria.

Bendigo Ceramic Group. Bendigo. Victoria.

1986  Jam Factory Art Gallery. Adelaide. S.A.

Cuppacumbalong Art Gallery. Tharwa. A.C.T.

1988  South Australian Ceramic Award. S.A. (invitation)

1989  Distelfink Art gallery. Melbourne. Victoria.

1990  Adelaide Festival Exhibition. Bonython gallery. S.A.

1991  47th  Concorso  Internazionale  Della  Ceramica d’Arte Feanza.

Italy (invitation).

Arrarat Regional Art gallery. Victoria.

1992  International Ceramic Festival. Mino. Japan. (invitation)

Bethany Art Gallery Bethany. S.A.

Distelfink Art gallery. Melbourne. Victoria.

Melbourne  City   Council.  Swanston  Walk   Sculpture  model

exhibition. Melbourne. Victoria.

1993  National  Gallery  of  Victoria.  ‘The Second Landing’

(exhibition of Dutch born Australian artists).

1994  Rigg  Award.   Exhibition  of   twenty-five  Victorian

ceramists. Invitation

1995 Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital (mural)

1996 ‘The vessel’ Canberra School of Art (Invitation)

1996 Qdos Fine Arts gallery. Lorne.

Distelfink Fine Arts. Director’s Choice.

1996 Distelfink Fine Arts. One man exhibition.

1997 SOFA Chicago, Australian Crafts Council (invitation)

1997 Jam Factory, Adelaide, S.A.

1998 International Ceramics award, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery, (invitation)

1999 Ian Potter Museum of Art. Melbourne university (shortlist exhibition)

2000 Jewish Museum of Australia (invitation)

1999 Hand and Mind gallery Seoul Korea, One man show

2000 Toju Cultural Foundation. Korea, One man show

2001 Convent gallery Daylesford Victoria

2004 Celebrating the Master. Skepsi gallery, Melbourne. (invitation)

2004 Jewish Museum of Australia( invitation)

2004 Shepparton Art Gallery, Vic state gallery Travelling one man exhibition)

2005 ‘The Passage of Time’ Collaborative exhibition with Oliver Patsch

for Daylesford Foto Biennale

2006 Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, one man show

2007 ‘Meditations on a Korean Odyssey’, Gallery 101, Melbourne



1986 Benalla City Council Ceramic Sculpture

1986 Artist in Residence. Port Pirie. S.A.

1988 Castlemaine State Festival. Audio-Visual Performance.

1990 Castlemaine State Festival Committee. Six Sand Works. Victoria.

1991 Ballarat Begonia Festival. Five Sand Works. Victoria.

1991 Artist in Residence. Ballarat. Victoria.

1992 Adelaide Festival of Arts. Five Sand Works.

1992 Sculpture (blue stone) for Swanston Walk. Melbourne. Victoria.

1992 Castlemaine State Festival Committee. Six Sand Works. Victoria

1993 Artist in residence. Ballarat. Victoria.

1993 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. One Sand Work.

1994 Castlemaine Festival Sculpture Exhibition. Invitation.

1994 Castlemaine State  Festival. Stringed  Visions from the

keyboard. Audio-Visual performance.

1995 Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. Sculpture Commission

1996 Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Sculpture Commission

1997 Austin Hospital, Interior Design Commission

1998 Ian Potter Museum of Art (Ceramic Prize exhibition by invitation)

1998 Castlemaine Regional gallery (Ceramic exhibition of local artists)

1998 Distelfink Art Gallery. Invitation 25th Anniversary

1998 Created and published ‘Cosy Poets’ a collaborative project with Peter O’Mara

1998 Austin Hospital Public Art installation

1999 Two works for the Jewish Museum Melbourne

1999 Artist in residence Kook-Min University Korea.

2000 Toji Cultural Foundation Symposium. Guest Speaker. Seoul Korea

2001 Hepburn Council Public Sculpture Commission

2004 Commissioned to create a bowl for his Holiness The Dalai Lama

2004 Writer in residence Seoul Korea

2004 Public sculpture. Daylesford  (Convent nuns, Convent Gallery Gardens)

Petrus Spronk  P.O. Box 69

Hepburn Springs Victoria 3462